Mushrooms and Oak Trees

Although I like to eat certain varieties, I don’t like mushrooms in my yard!  They seem to be there lurking just waiting for a good rain to make them spring up. Of course, in a few days, they dry up and disappear.

I do like trees in my yard. They provide shade in the summer, nests for birds, beautiful Fall foliage. If you plant an oak, don’t expect to get all those benefits within the first few years, though.  It will take at least 10 years and probably more to get that tree to the point of looking good and providing enough shade, etc.

Waiting for your dream.

What happens in between dreaming a dream and realizing that dream?

Oh, there are definite steps we can take to realize our dreams.  We can make goals.  We can take the next step, keep learning and reminding ourselves of the dream; doing things that set us up for success.

Is your dream a mushroom or an oak tree?

Mushrooms are here today and gone tomorrow.

Oak trees take time and cultivation; watering, fertilizer, staking when they are young. Your dream might take time too.

It took Joseph 13 years to realize his dream.  It’s one of my favorite stories on waiting in the Bible.  You can read it for yourself in Genesis chapters 37 to 39.

There are no 90-day Wonders among God’s Giants.

At 17 years of age, while tending his family’s sheep, Joseph had a dream. The interpretation was he would be a leader over his family; his brothers and father and mother would be submissive to him.  He was the baby of the family.  The least of them all.  His brothers hated him for his dream and his dad, Jacob, just laughed.

His brothers, in their jealousy, decided they should kill Joseph and tell Dad that a wild animal ate him. However, they ended up selling him to slave traders who took him to Egypt. That was NOT a part of Joseph’s dream.  What was the problem? How was he going to realize his dream as a slave?

Well, things didn’t get any better, they got way worse!

He was then thrown in prison. Prison! That is the exact opposite of his dream.  He was supposed to be in a position of authority, not in a filthy lowly prison cell.  This was the worst of the worst.

No 90-day Wonders among God’s Giants

But God had a plan. Joseph needed those experiences to shape him into the leader he would be.  If he hadn’t gone through all he went through, he would not have been successful when his dream was realized.

God isn’t in a hurry. He always has your best interest in mind.  God will accomplish in you what you need to be the best you can be for His glory!

Joseph didn’t sit around pining for his dream or moping about his situation; at least not for long.  Both in the prison and while a slave, he was elevated to leadership positions.  He was working on his dream while in his less-than-ideal circumstances.

Trust God. Wait patiently.  Keep doing what you can in your current circumstance to help with your dream. Leave the rest to Him.

You can do it!