70 is the New 40: Grandma Moses

Do you feel stuck?  Like what you have been doing isn’t working anymore?  Is there a dream lying dormant inside of you?  Something that might even make you famous? Do you feel too old to start again? That life has passed you by and it’s too late?

You are never too old to try new things. It’s never too late to explore ideas that have been buried for a while beneath other obligations. That is exactly what Grandma Moses, farm wife and self-taught painter, did!

Like most farm wives, Anna Mary Robertson Moses spent much of her

Grandma Moses’ Fourth of July 1969 stamp

time caring for the farm and her family.  Owning a New England farm and raising 5 children (5 died in infancy) took up all her time. It was after the death of her husband, when she was 67, that she used the busyness of needlework to help her with her grief. Having an artistic father, though not a professional artist, Anna knew a thing or two about art. She dabbled at painting to help beautify her home on a couple of occasions.


When arthritis prevented her from doing her intricate needlework pictures, Anna, also known as Grandma Moses, decided to try her art with paintbrushes instead of sewing needles. She was in her 70’s. In today’s society, it is thought one should relax and take it easy at that age not try your hand at something new.

Soon, she had so much art that she started entering her pictures in state fairs and displaying them in stores and galleries.  She made a little money which helped with the farm bills but she never dreamed her paintings would make her well-known. In 1938, at the age of 78, she was discovered by an art dealer who bought all the paintings she had displayed in the local drugstore.  He went back to New York and convinced the art world to hold an exhibition (they thought she was too old too!) The rest is history.  Her paintings are in many prestigious museums and even has one hanging in the White house.

You can check out her art here. (I really encourage you to do so!)

Her paintings made her famous when she was in her 80s. Her 80s, people! United States presidents from Harry Truman to John F. Kennedy esteemed her and the governor of New York twice proclaimed her birthday as “Grandma Moses Day”.

There are somedays I think I’m too old to try something new and I just in my 40s. Too old to dream dreams and work to make them a reality.  I’ve even thought, ‘if I haven’t made it yet, I’m probably not going to.’  What a lie! Do I have breath in me? Is God still calling me?

Age is not an excuse

I can accomplish anything God has called me to do, even if the calling seems to be coming a little late.  God’s timetable is not my timetable. He is into growing oak trees, not mushrooms. Mushrooms are here one day and gone the next. Oak trees last a lifetime but take a long time to grow.

Don’t let age be an excuse that keeps us from fulfilling our dreams! Keep learning and trying and growing!  You’re not dead yet.

Writing is one of my dreams.  What’s one of yours?

Author: Melissa Kamm

A wife, homeschool mother, church choir director, worship leader, music teacher, are just a few of the roles Melissa Kamm has had. Although she has been a singer most of her life, Melissa Kamm’s seasons are changing. She is no longer a church leader and with only one child left to homeschool, the role of homeschool teacher will soon go away as well. Blogger and writer are some of the new roles in her life. Who knows but God what other roles will come along? But she will always be a wife and a mother and lover of Jesus!

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