New Take on Psalm 73

I love the book of Psalms.  So many of them show glimpses of reality. No Facebook posts here of the perfect life; wonderful marriage, smart kids, rich lifestyle. No, the book of Psalms gives you the nitty gritty of life; questions of why, requests of revenge, pleadings of mercy.

As I was reading Psalm 73, it really struck a chord with me. The writer of this psalm speaks of how those who do evil seem to be prosperous. They have no struggles. They are healthy and strong. Yet they do wicked things. One is not supposed to be blessed when one is corrupt.

So I decided to interpret Psalm 73 from a food/weight perspective.

God is good all the time.

I almost lose my salvation when I see all these skinny people eating whatever they want, junk food, healthy food, food of any kind and not gain a pound. They eat right before bed, they eat first thing in the morning, they eat all day long and not gain a pound. They stay skinny; are always carefree. They never worry about weight gain.

Skinny people are so happy all the time.  They look great any type of clothing.  They are successful in everything they do.  Their hair is beautifully coifed. Their skin and makeup are youthful and glowing. Everybody loves the skinny people.

Not so with me. In vain I have kept my food intake pure.  All day long I count carbs and fats, calories and points.  I measure food portions and see little weight loss! If I were to eat a stray candy bar or indulge in that piece of cake begging me to partake, my increased size would show immediately.  I am punished every morning when I step on the scale or squeeze into my jeans! (These are my jeans, right?! Or did they just shrink the dryer?) There is no rest for the weight-challenged.

It was all oppressive to me until I centered my heart and mind on Christ. I begin to understand God loves skinny people too! Christ died for them as well as me. They are fearfully and wonderfully made. Like the snowflakes that fall, each of us is unique. None of us fit into the same box.  No cookie cutters for humans.  But we are all beautiful to God.

No matter my size, You, Lord are always with me. You continue to lead and guide me. God will never give up on me. God loves me and will continue to teach me about healthy eating so that my body may give him glory.

It’s easy to get our minds and thoughts centered on the wrong thing. We all have struggles.  Mine are different than yours.  Weight management happens to be one of them. You may be blessed with a thin frame but you have struggles in other areas. No matter how it looks on the outside, people are hurting, needing comfort and a helping hand.  Let’s be that hand for one another. Love one another.

Author: Melissa Kamm

A wife, homeschool mother, church choir director, worship leader, music teacher, are just a few of the roles Melissa Kamm has had. Although she has been a singer most of her life, Melissa Kamm’s seasons are changing. She is no longer a church leader and with only one child left to homeschool, the role of homeschool teacher will soon go away as well. Blogger and writer are some of the new roles in her life. Who knows but God what other roles will come along? But she will always be a wife and a mother and lover of Jesus!

5 thoughts on “New Take on Psalm 73”

  1. Great insight. Everyone struggles with something, some are visible but many are not. That good looking, buff, smiling person may be hurting just as much as I am. God loves them too. Keep up the good writing! Love Ya, Dad

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