Get FRESH part 2: Relish Today

Last week I wrote to you about our changing bodies and the things we did 10 or 20 years ago we can no longer do. I encouraged you to Get FRESH. You can check out that post here. Today we will talk about the R in Get FRESH: Relish today.

I’m not talking pickles here. Relish also means to delight in something, per the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Delight in today. Delight in this minute! Enjoy your life right now!

I’ve created a little journal page, Relish journal, to help you keep track of things you delight in every day of the week. Print it off and stick it in your datebook or put it in your Bible or keep it on your bedside table. Put it anywhere you will remember to journal about the good things.

It is so easy to mull over the past; opportunities missed, mistakes made, regrets. We always need to learn from the past but then move on! Don’t get bogged down! Or maybe you keep thinking over the ‘good ole days’ when things were going right and everything was in order. Spencer Johnson in his book The Present states, “Look at what happened in the Past. Learn something valuable from it. Use what you learn to improve the present.”

The future can be a little intimidating. So much can happen. It’s easy to worry about something that hasn’t happened yet; “what if…”. Or you might be a planner. You love to dream and set goals. That’s great! The choices you make now will determine your future. But don’t stress about it either. There are a time and a place for considering your future.

Pay attention to what is important now.

When my kids were little and they wanted to play, I got on the floor with them. The dishes could wait. Playing with my kids was the most important. This is what memories are made of. Putting down my e-reader when my husband is talking to me. Facebook can wait. Communicating with my husband is what’s important right now.

I love another quote from The Present.

“Even in the most difficult situations, when you focus on what is right in the present moment, it makes you happier. And gives you the needed energy and confidence to deal with what is wrong, today.”

Be thankful for what you have. That’s another way to relish today. Look around you. What do you have to be thankful for? I’m sure, like me, you can come up with several right there! Being thankful keeps us focused on what we do have, not on what we don’t. Take delight in your assets. Take delight in those around you. Take delight in who you are today!

Check back next week for the continuing story of Get FRESH! We’ll discuss Exercise.

Don’t forget to download the Relish journal to help you keep track of the things you delighted in today!

Until then, what are ways you can relish today?

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Author: Melissa Kamm

A wife, homeschool mother, church choir director, worship leader, music teacher, are just a few of the roles Melissa Kamm has had. Although she has been a singer most of her life, Melissa Kamm’s seasons are changing. She is no longer a church leader and with only one child left to homeschool, the role of homeschool teacher will soon go away as well. Blogger and writer are some of the new roles in her life. Who knows but God what other roles will come along? But she will always be a wife and a mother and lover of Jesus!

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