New Year New You…Maybe

Changing the calendar from one year to the next is usually a time of great reflection.  You see lots of ‘year in review’ segments on the news and other television shows. So many clips of major world news events, sports happenings, famous people who have died.  I never expect there to be quite so many.

One reflects on the happenings, good and bad, of the previous year and looks to the new year with hope and expectation.

Will this year be better than last?  Will my life fall into place this year?  Will I win the lottery, be the next YouTube star, find my keys?

As I was pondering my life of this past year and what 2017 would bring, so many thoughts were going through my head.

“Didn’t quite accomplish all of last year’ resolutions.”

“Will I finish this next year strong?”

“What’s for dinner?”

The ONE big thought I had was that old existential question “who am I?”

Who am I?  Why am I here?

I remember many times in my life wondering this; as a teenager, a college graduate, a newlywed, when I turned forty.

As the seasons change in our lives, so will our purpose.

Here is what I came up with.

Who Am I?

I am a Child of God put on this earth now for a purpose; for several purposes, actually:

  1. To glorify God in all that I do. To praise and love Him
  2. To be Mom to my three children. To nurture and discipline, support and teach.  To help raise up the next generation of Christ followers.
  3. To be wife to my husband, Randy. To love, care for, support, cherish, respect, enjoy, communicate with, encourage, make love to.
  4. To encourage other by singing, writing and speaking individually and in groups.
  5. To learn and grow as Christ works in my life (Phil. 1:6)
  6. To love others

May you find inspiration to answer these questions for yourself.  Start with an open mind and heart. If you need more inspiration read Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. I know it’s scary but you’ll be glad you did.

What is YOUR purpose?

Welcome to your New Season!

  Life is full of seasons. Seasons of learning, seasons of working. Seasons of striving, seasons of rest.

Life is ever changing.  Spring gives way to summer.  Fall gives way to winter and around we go again.


In Ecclesiastes chapter three verse one it says “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven.” (NIV) Sometimes we look forward to a new season like having children or graduating from college. Sometimes we dread the next season in life. Change can be scary especially in our vocation, marital status, health, role as caregiver, spiritual outlook… No matter where you are in your season of life I want you to be encouraged that you are not alone.  Just because you may be finished with one part does not mean you are done with life!  You are not washed up! There are still more things to do and to learn.  God can still use you whether you are over 30, divorced or sick.  The last 15 years may not equal the next 15 years.  God will see you through. Don’t get bogged down with everyday life. Live with purpose. What was your purpose or dream may be changing.  Don’t grieve the change – embrace it. Don’t ignore the now – relish it! We will discover together some of the ways to stay motivated and inspired to live each new season.  I will share stories of people who didn’t start their careers or become famous in their 20’s.  Together we will look at several like Col. Sanders who didn’t start Kentucky Fried Chicken until he was in his 60’s and Grandma Moses who didn’t start painting until 76! I will also share about different seasons in my own life; where I am succeeding and where I am struggling. Finally, some tips and resources to help traverse this new ground is what you can expect! I’m excited to be on this journey with you!